Position Your Company To Win With The Great Game of Business.

Missouri Enterprise is a strong advocate of the leadership principles of The Great Game of Business, which builds a culture of business success through its focus on tapping into people assets and everyone’s natural drive to win. We have certified Great Game of Business Coaches on staff helping Missouri manufacturers develop the leadership skills and workplace cultures designed to conquer many of today’s challenges in manufacturing. We guide, coach and mentor business owners and leaders to help them discover the path to creating an innovative workplace that drives employee engagement and loyalty, resulting in greater stability, efficiency and profitability.


Guiding Principles of The Great Game of Business.

Human beings have an inherent instinct to survive and thrive, and that reality has become huge to employees today. People want more than just a job; they want a place where they can be engaged and feel what they do makes a contribution – and a difference. They want to be a part of it, with their ideas and input respected. The Great Game of Business helps companies embrace and leverage changing workforce perspectives and build a workplace and culture that not only appeals to the modern worker, but drives innovation, growth and bottom-line profitability. Fundamental principles of The Great Game of Business include:

  • People support what they help create. Great Game™ companies understand that when the employee wins, the company wins. Great Game™ employees understand that when the company wins, they win. People and the company move forward together.

  • It’s People. The Great Game of Business is a proven approach to systematically engage your people to drive profitability and sustainability. When everyone in the company has a voice in how it’s run and a stake in the financial outcome, people want to be there and contribute positively, and the company thrives.

  • It’s Money. The highest priority business objectives include making money and generating cash. The Great Game of business encourages an operational environment that focuses the company, and employees, on these two critical goals.

  • It’s Both. Businesses thrive when the entire team is engaged with everyone pushing in the same direction for success. The Great Game of Business builds engagement by giving the team a stake in the company’s, and their own, financial future.

Take Your Company to the Next Level and Win the Game.

Reach out to your local Area Business Manager today to arrange a time to meet with one of Missouri Enterprise’s certified Great Game of Business Coaches. You’ll find we know the manufacturing business intimately and we understand your challenges. We’ve been helping Missouri manufacturers succeed for decades, and we’ve taken our skillsets to another level to help Missouri manufacturers reach the next level and win the great game of business. Call today to learn more.