Brand Development: Defining How Customers Perceive You as a Company.

Brand Development is a process where you create your company’s unique identity. It’s more than just your logo and colors. Your brand differentiates you from your competitors and tells prospective customers who you are and what to expect from you as a company. Your brand should align with your objectives, including your goals for today and the future, defining who you are and who you are striving to be. Your brand includes the way to message to your target markets, including the words you use in taglines, written marketing materials, your website, social media and even how your people speak about the company to the public. Graphic depictions including your logo, social media icons, pictures, images and videos you develop all constitute a part of your brand. Working together, these elements create an emotional connection with your customers and potential customers. Each of these brand elements should be created and presented in a consistent way to maintain your brand unity.


The Discovery Process in Brand Development.

The Brand Development process begins by taking you through a discovery process to glean important details about your company, its capabilities, goals and more. Multiple team members, including people from the shop floor to the top floor are interviewed to gain insights into how the company currently views itself, focusing on the company’s strengths. Ownership typically makes final decisions on the company’s brand identity, but the best approach to Brand Development includes taking input from people at all levels of your organization – that’s often the best source of ideas!

Key Elements of a Brand.

Here are some of the major elements of a cohesive brand structure. Each of these items should remain consistent to continue to build brand recognition among your target markets.

  • Primary Logo icon.
  • Icons for social media.
  • Primary tagline.
  • Secondary taglines.
  • Graphic design.
  • Colors.
  • Fonts.
  • Website.
  • Marketing materials (printed and electronic).
  • Key messaging words and phrases.
  • A Brand guide or style deck.

Internalize Your Brand into Your Company Culture.

Since your Brand is the company’s identity, you need to ensure that everyone within your organization understands your brand. Far too many companies forget to use their brand for internal purposes, to promote employee unity and to get everyone on the same page about the company’s expectations. Once you’ve developed your company brand, be sure to share it frequently with your team members at all levels, and make sure they understand and live by the identity inherent in your brand. Having your people become a part of your Brand, playing an active role in aligning what really happens at your company with how you present yourself publicly, will strengthen employee loyalty and commitment.

Whether your company is new, or if you’re looking to get serious about developing a powerful brand for your existing company, Missouri Enterprise can help. Contact your local Area Business Manager to learn more about how we can help your company with Brand Development.