Marketing Plans for Manufacturers.

As a manufacturer you’re an expert at making the things you produce, but you can’t successfully bring your products to market unless you understand your customer base and leverage the right marketing vehicles to generate brand and product awareness. At Missouri Enterprise, we understand the world of manufacturing, and we offer the professional expertise you need to develop your customized marketing plan aligned with your strategic business plan. That manufacturing know-how and experience is just one of the reasons we’re your Go-To Resource for All Things Manufacturing.


Key Steps to Developing Your Marketing Plan.

Before you develop your marketing plan, you should conduct extensive Market Research to help you understand your target markets.  Once you have solid information in hand, you should develop a marketing plan that details the steps you’ll take to continuously and effectively promote your products and your brand.  Marketing plans can vary widely in depth and detail, but often, a simple, actionable plan with specific key activities clearly defined is the best way to go.  Key steps involved in developing your custom marketing plan include:

  • Conduct detailed Market Research.
  • Identify target markets.
  • Know and define your product offerings.
  • Understand the competition.
  • Develop marketing strategies and define the marketing vehicles you should be using.
  • Define your brand, marketing positioning and pricing.
  • Create a budget.
  • Define your goals.
  • Measure results.

Contact your Area Business Manager to learn more about how Missouri Enterprise can help you develop an effective marketing plan to chart your path for successful growth.