Product Concept / System Specification


Product Definition.

You have an idea for a new product and you want to understand the practicality of actually manufacturing it and the potential profit when you take it to market. Before we hit the drawing board for you, the first step is to accurately define what you intend the product to be and do, including specifications and features you think the product absolutely must have, those it should include and others that could be included but aren’t absolutely necessary. These decisions are directly related to what customers are willing to pay for, and by defining them as accurately as possible up front, the path to project completion is much more direct and cost effective. The time spent on this critical first step can save you lost time and expense in rework and tooling changes.

The Talent You Need to Develop Your Product Concepts.

Missouri Enterprise has the technical skills, talent and experience to help manufacturers make their product concepts reality.  Whether your in-house product development team is too busy to work on a new concept, or you need a partner to act as your Product Development expert, we can help.  Our involvement can be wide ranging.  Using a developed Product Definition, we can provide you with several design options and explain the strengths and weaknesses associated with each one. We can research existing similar products on the market and even provide technical feasibility of the selected product design.


The Long Shadow of Product Development.

There’s an old expression in the world of Product Development that says, “the design casts a long shadow.”  This expression describes the domino effect the final design has on the value chain, which includes every decision and requirement involved from concept to distribution.  The work up front on developing your design impacts materials, processes, labor, tooling, packaging and even marketing.  Your selection of product developers can positively or negatively influence the success of any item entering the market.  Missouri Enterprise’s Product Design Project Managers have the hands-on experience you need to minimize the pitfalls of the long shadow effect and maximize your production processes, quality and profitability.

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