Gap Analysis / Audits


Gap Analysis for ISO and Other Quality Management Standards.

When you need an objective evaluation to compare your organization’s current state against your goals or an industry standard, such as ISO 9001 and others, the experts at Missouri Enterprise can help. A Gap Analysis takes a systematic approach to assess which processes you have effectively in place, and to identify deficiencies (“gaps”) where you might be falling short of your goals and expectations. It’s a useful tool to help you define the critical path to your goal by accurately defining where you need to make changes and improvements. This gives you a solid baseline to work from, allowing you to focus your attention on specific areas that need improvement to meet standards.

When Does it Make Sense to Do a Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis is most often conducted when a company is working towards achieving an industry standard, such as ISO 9001 and others.  If you think you’re on the right path and getting close to achieving your goals, it can be a great time to do a Gap Analysis to identify where you still need to make improvements, allowing you to focus your attention where it matters, thus shortening your path to achieving standards compliance.  The other time a Gap Analysis makes sense is when a manufacturer is currently operating on a quality standard such as ISO 9001 and is adding another standard on top of that, such as achieving certification in AS9100 for Aviation, Space and Defense.  We don’t typically recommend conducting a Gap Analysis if you’re just starting your initiative to achieve a Quality Management System standard; it’s better to start the process and put major items in place, then use the Gap Analysis to help you define your critical path to completion.

Objectivity Makes Your Gap Analysis More Valuable.

One of the most critical elements of an effective Gap Analysis is unbiased objectivity, and that’s difficult to attain from within. Missouri Enterprise’s Project Managers have been conducting gap analyses for manufacturers for decades. We have the certified expertise, experience and knowledge to do the job right for you, with the unbiased objectivity you can only get from skilled outside eyes.

Contact your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager about conducting a Gap Analysis to help you define your shortest path to achieving the Quality Management System compliance and certifications you’re looking for.