ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS).

In today’s world of cyberthreats, cyberattacks, ransomware and other threats to companies’ data, information security is more important than ever.  The ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a standard designed to give companies the knowledge and systematic approach they need to protect their data and information. It is a risk management tool that gives companies a set of standards for how they should effectively manage their information and data. Companies and individuals can become certified in ISO 27001, but it is not required for an organization to follow and benefit from the standard.


Why is ISO 27001 Important?

In addition to the obvious need companies have to protect their proprietary information and sensitive employee records, ISO 27001 demonstrates to customers and business partners that a company is proactively engaged in safeguarding their data.  ISO 27001 is recognized domestically and worldwide, and adherence to the standard is required by some companies in order to do business with them.  Protecting your data against hacks and cyber attacks is vital to protect the interests of your company and your customers. 

Three Key Objectives of ISMS.

There are many reasons to follow the ISO 27001 Quality Management System, but there are three key objectives of ISMS:

  • It’s critical to ensure that only authorized persons have access to confidential information.
  • Only authorized persons have rights to change the information.
  • Information must be accessible to authorized persons whenever it is needed.

Attaining these three key objectives can be a challenge, but the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System can help companies achieve and maintain these goals.

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