Root Cause Analysis


Finding the True Root Cause of a Problem.

Something in your processes isn’t aligning with your Quality Management goals. You’ve made adjustments to things you think are causing the issue, but the problem persists, suggesting that what you fixed may just be a symptom or by-product of a deeper, underlying issue. Or worse, it might be unrelated to the real problem, and erroneous corrective actions can actually cause waste, violating Lean principles. Getting to the true cause of a problem or the source of a nonconformity in your processes can be a difficult and frustrating experience. When this occurs, it’s time to conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to get to the bottom-line cause of the issue.

The Right Tools for the Job.

A Root Cause Analysis uses a methodical approach that allows you to identify and isolate causes of problems so you can take appropriate corrective actions.  Using the right tools for the job is important because they help you narrow the possibilities by giving you clear and accurate information, often with visual charts and graphs.  Armed with good information, you and your team can brainstorm focused on the most likely causes of a nonconformity.  Here are some of the best tools and Quality Management Systems principles used for conducting Root Cause Analyses.


Expert Outside Eyes Help You Approach Root Cause Analysis Objectively.

Missouri Enterprise Project Managers are experts in the tools and techniques used in Root Cause Analysis.  When we help your manufacturing team conduct an RCA, our outside eyes bring a critical objectivity to the process that’s difficult to achieve by those deeply involved in your system.  Remember, when anyone is performing a specific job task and focused on getting product out the door, day in and day out, things tend to blend together and it’s easy to overlook details or relate them to other parts of the process.  We have the manufacturing know-how and hands-on “been there done that” experience to help you focus, dig deeply and identify true root causes of nonconformities or issues.

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