ASCM (APICS) Introduction to ERP. It’s More than Just the Software.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is more than just software, it is the systemic approach to maximizing the efficiency and profitability of the chain of integrated processes that make up a company’s manufacturing and business operations.  The software facilitates the system, providing it with detailed data and information that is critical to maximum efficiency and understanding true costs and profitability. The software isn’t the system, it’s part of your ERP system, a vital tool to sustain and develop your organization.


Supply Chain Knowledge is Critical to Effective ERP Systems.

Supply Chain is the lifeblood of a manufacturing organization. It covers everything from bringing raw materials and goods into your factory to efficiently feeding those materials through your processes, to delivering finished goods to your customer. A huge percentage of an ERP system’s activities are related to Supply Chain, and companies who take ERP implementation seriously know it’s critical to rely heavy on their Supply Chain experts when developing their ERP Systems. In particular, having people on your team with ASCM (APICS) certifications is critical to a successful ERP implementation, because they provide profound knowledge of all aspects of modern business.

The Better Your Supply Chain Expertise, the Better Your ERP Implementation.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your ERP system by necessity requires Supply Chain expertise, and the more sophisticated that knowledge is the better. While some companies have certified Supply Chain experts already on board, many could stand to bolster their in-house Supply Chain team and provide them with the expert training and certifications they need to help you maximize the value of your ERP system. Missouri Enterprise assists companies with ERP Selection and Implementations, and one of the things we recommend in these projects is that key team members expand their Supply Chain knowledge by attaining specified certifications. Everyone at the company should have a basic understanding of Supply Chain, of course, but key people should understand it at expert levels to effectively plan, implement and maintain your ERP system.

Recommended Supply Chain Certifications for ERP Environments.

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), formerly the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), is the unmatched leader in internationally recognized supply chain training and certifications. The American Society for Quality also offer excellent Supply Chain certification programs. Missouri Enterprise has the expertise and know-how to train your Supply Chain people in many of these disciplines, preparing them for ASCM and ASQ certification testing. Some of the Supply Chain training and certifications Missouri Enterprise recommends for your people when implementing and maintaining your ERP system include the following:

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