Supplier Assessment & Development


Supplier Assessment.  Begin Within.

Quality supply chain partners are vital to your success as a manufacturer. You need to choose suppliers who can produce products at the quality level you need, when you need them, at the right price, every time. The Supplier Assessment process typically starts with a Value Stream Map to help you fully recognize the intimate details of your current processes, including accurately identifying what comes into the company and what goes out. Most manufacturers naturally tend to focus on the high-value items in their Supply Chain, the big pieces, but it’s the small details that will often get you – imagine running out of simple shipping labels causing a serious delay and backlog to your logistics. Armed with an accurate map of all the pieces involved in your production, you can then examine your supply chain history overall, noting strengths, weaknesses, failures and successes. This is the baseline information you need to understand your hard and soft risks, make decisions for improvement, and perhaps most importantly, identify strategic advantages and opportunity.

Know the SCOR.

The Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR) is a practical, workable tool to help you make informed decisions to satisfy customer demands and grow profitably.  Using tools such as SCOR, Missouri Enterprise can help you create and implement a customized approach to assessing the performance of your current and potential Supply Chain partners, focused on critical elements, big and small, that are vital to your operations.  Is a supplier ISO 9001 registered?  Are they financially secure?  How do they train their people?  Do they utilize Lean Manufacturing principles?  How do they manage quality?  What about their Supply Chain management?  What are their capabilities and production capacity?  These are just some of the critical factors involved in comprehensive Supply Chain partner assessment.


Supplier Development.  Know How to Grow Together.

By implementing effective Supply Chain assessment practices, you gain the ability to truly know and understand your suppliers’ operations and what they can do for you. Remember that you are limited by their limitations, so it’s important to develop strong strategic partnerships with your suppliers. That means treating them as true partners, guiding them on your needs, helping them enhance quality, improve production efficiency, enhance logistics and more. When your suppliers are positioned to grow profitably, so are you! Your Missouri Enterprise Project Manager has the experience and know-how to help you objectively examine every facet of your supply chain management systems.

Other Supply Chain Expertise from Missouri Enterprise:

  • APICs/ASCM.  American Production & Inventory Control Society / Association for Supply Chain Management.
  • CPIM.  Certified in Production & Inventory Management.
  • CSCP.  Certified Supply Chain Professional.
  • And more.

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