Frontline Supervisor & Leadership Development Training


Give Your Frontline Supervisors the Leadership Skills They Need to Succeed.

Far too often, companies recognize great frontline workers and promote them into leadership roles but fail to train and develop them for success. That great worker sometimes becomes a so-so supervisor (or worse), and it can cost your company in terms of productivity and team loyalty. Just as often, even long-term supervisors perform below expectations, causing turnover and hindering efficiency. Repeated studies show that as many as one in three employees don’t consider their boss to be an effective leader, and almost half of workers have left a job to get away from their manager. So poor, underperforming or untrained leaders can cost you time, productivity and most importantly, profitability.

Great Leaders Aren’t Born. They’re Developed.

It’s never safe to assume that a good producer will naturally be a strong leader. While likeability and good interpersonal skills are important assets for supervisors, they’re not enough to make a good leader. Frontline supervisors on the shop floor and in middle-management are critical to your operational efficiency. They are responsible for supervising the majority of the workforce at most organizations, and they’re a key part of creating an employee-friendly workplace culture that promotes loyalty and productivity.  It just makes sense to train your supervisors to lead and succeed. Benefits of supervisor and leadership development training include:

  • Drive business results through stronger frontline leaders.
  • Increase employee retention, engagement and productivity.
  • Instill a positive workplace culture people want to be a part of.
    • Build your future leaders.

    Development Dimensions International: A Proven Leadership Development System.

    Missouri Enterprise’s leadership training experts are certified facilitators of Development Dimensions International’s (DDI) proven and globally recognized leadership training programs. These classes are designed to teach your people best practices to develop competency-focused leadership, helping them understand how to become good “leaders” instead of “bosses”. Some of our most popular courses for leadership development include:

    • Communication: Connect Through Conversations.
    • Coaching: Move People Forward.
    • Driving Change.
    • Delegation: Engage and Empower People.
    • Executing Strategy at the Front Line.

    Ask your local Area Business Manager about the benefits of Supervisor & Leadership Training and how it can help you retain and build a stronger, more productive workforce.

    Complete List of DDI Leadership Development Courses We Offer:

    (See Detailed Course Descriptions)

    • Addressing Poor Performance.
    • Building and Sustaining Trust.
    • Coaching: Move People Forward.
    • Communicating with Impact.
    • Communication: Connect Through Conversations.
    • Conversations to Inspire Performance.
    • Creating an Inclusive Environment.
    • Delegation: Engage and Empower People.
    • Developing Yourself and Others.
    • Driving Change.
    • Embracing Change.
    • Engaging and Retaining Talent.
    • Executing Strategy at the Front Line.
    • Fostering Innovation.
    • High-Impact Feedback and Listening.
    • Leading Meetings: Use Time Effectively.
    • Leading Self: Turn Awareness into Impact.
    • Leading Teams:
    • Achieve More Together.
    • Making High Quality Decisions.
    • Navigating Beyond Conflict.
    • Networking for Enhanced Collaboration.
    • Reinforcing Leadership Development.
    • Resolving Workplace Conflict.
    • Setting Goals and Reviewing Results.
    • Strategies for Influencing Others.
    • Strengthening Your Partnerships.
    • Valuing Differences.
    • Your Leadership Journey.