The Basics of Manufacturing Job Training Program.

The manufacturing skills gap has made it harder to find qualified employees with the basic job skills needed to succeed in the manufacturing industry.  Missouri Enterprise has partnered with the state of Missouri and local job centers through the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to address manufacturing workforce shortages through the Basics of Manufacturing Job Training Program.  This no-cost training program is available to residents throughout Missouri and is designed to help participants gain an entry-level understanding of manufacturing processes, the manufacturing industry and the necessary personal skills they need to succeed in a career in manufacturing. 


Win-Win for Employers and Job Seekers.

  • By completing the Basics of Manufacturing program, participants show potential employers they’re committed to the work ethic of showing up on time every day, and that they’re ready, willing and able to learn and improve themselves.  The program is 4 full days of class training followed by job interviews with local manufacturers on the fifth day.  Employers are invited to conduct on-the-spot job interviews with course participants, and the results have been extremely positive.  At these job interview sessions, employers can dramatically increase their job offer to interview ratios and make better entry level hires.  Employers save time and money, while job seekers learn skills they need to open the door to good-paying manufacturing jobs – it’s a win-win for everyone.

Basic Skills for Manufacturing Jobs.

The Basics of Manufacturing training program prepares job seekers with fundamental, knowledge they need to succeed in the world of manufacturing.  Participants learn important essentials about manufacturing that will make them more attractive to potential employers.  The course introduces participants to important topics and skills in manufacturing, including:

  • Blueprint reading.
  • Basic measuring.
  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Lean principles.
  • Teamwork.
  • Communications.
  • Professional behavior.
  • Basic problem-solving.

Career Seekers:  You can Make it In Manufacturing in Missouri.

Manufacturing is one of Missouri’s top industries, employing hundreds of thousands of people.  The industry continues to grow and offers tremendous opportunity for good paying jobs and careers a person can be proud of.  If you enjoy technology and working with your hands, then a career in manufacturing may be for you.  The average manufacturing wage is $57,000, and manufacturers offer training and opportunities to help you move up within their organizations.

Contact your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager to learn more about the Basics of Manufacturing Job Training Program.