Teach Employees Better with TWI Job Instruction Training.

The manufacturing workforce faces enough issues today to let inadequate training cost you new hires or setting up employees to fail in new roles because they weren’t given the instruction they needed to succeed.  TWI Job Instruction (JI) Training teaches your supervisors how to quickly train employees to do a given job correctly, safely and conscientiously.  The objective of the course is to help supervisors develop a well-trained workforce capable of efficient production with less scrap, rework and rejects, while instilling safety principles and protecting tools and equipment against damage from misuse or neglect.

Be Better at Training for Your Manufacturing Jobs.

Just because someone knows how to do a job well doesn’t mean they can effectively teach others how to do it.  The TWI Job Instruction Training program teaches your supervisors how to train better and give your front-line workers the support and guidance they need to master their job.  JI Training includes the TWI “4-Step” method which helps supervisors approach their real-world problems more effectively and achieve better results.  The program emphasizes preparing the operator to learn through a proper hands-on job demonstration that identifies the important steps and key points of the job.  Next steps include instruction on how to let the employee perform a supervised trial run, then tapering off coaching and continuing to follow up until the employee has comfortably mastered the job they’ve been assigned.  JI helps your supervisors become better trainers with better results.

How Does the TWI Job Instruction Training Course Work?

Designed for floor supervisors, team and cell leads and other front-line leaders, TWI Job Instruction classes are structured into 5 two-hour sessions in five consecutive days, ideally with up to 8-10 participants.  Missouri Enterprise’s TWI Project Manager can conduct these sessions on site at your facility to minimize the time employees spend away from production.  The first two sessions focus on learning the methods, and the remaining sessions emphasize using these methodologies to handle actual and current problems happening in your plant.  By applying the 4-Step method, employees learn by doing and allows them to immediately apply what they’ve learned on the shop floor.

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