TWI Job Methods Training Helps You Produce More in Less Time.

Improved quality and efficiency are key goals for any manufacturing operation, but when people are deep inside a system, it can be difficult for them to devise new ways to make that happen. Not everyone finds it easy to step back and objectively identify strengths and weaknesses of an operational system, it’s so easy to just keep doing the same thing with the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way.”  TWI Job Methods (JM) Training helps your supervisors be better at their jobs to help the company produce more in less time.



Teach Supervisors How to Identify Better Ways of Doing Things.

TWI Job Method (JM) Training is a proven way to teach your supervisors, team/cell leads and other front-line leaders how to improve the way jobs are being done in your manufacturing facility.  The program helps them understand how to make the best use of the manpower, machines and materials they have to work with.  JM shows supervisors how to break down jobs into their constituent operations and to objectively question the details of how things are done, exploring the why?-what?-where?-when?-who?-how? of it all. It’s all focused on developing new and improved methods by eliminating, combining, rearranging and simplifying these details, applying the new method and getting everyone on board to it.

Job Methods Course Structure.

The TWI Job Method Training program is structured in 5 two-hour sessions in 5 consecutive days, ideally with a maximum of 8-10 participants.  Because it’s tough to have people off the floor too long for training, Missouri Enterprise’s Project Managers can conduct this training course on site at your facility.  Using real-world problems you encounter in your manufacturing facility, the course introduces the TWI “4-Step” method and other principles to show supervisors how to handle production problems more effectively to gain better results.  Participants introduce actual issues and problems they are facing and the trainer helps them use the JM tools to solve those issues.

Your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager can tell you more about how this proven program can easily yield a fast return on your investment through enhanced efficiency and higher quality, with less waste and fewer rejects.  Contact Us today.