TWI Job Relations Training Helps You Strengthen Your Workforce Relations.

The only thing more important than finding and hiring good manufacturing employees today is retaining and growing the people you already have.  Training Within Industry (TWI) is an easy to apply, proven hands-on training methodology for supervisors, team leaders and workers to learn how to build a positive workplace culture at your company.  Job Relations Training (JR) is focused on creating good leaders, especially in the trenches where the hard work gets done in manufacturing.  It teaches supervisors how to build positive employee relations, increase cooperation and motivation and effectively resolve conflicts.

Get Hands-On & Empower Your Frontline Workers to Breed Success.

JR Training teaches supervisors how to be effective leaders who are part of their team, not just “the boss.”  Course participants learn fundamental skills to help them treat people as individuals, developing and maintaining good relations that enhance productivity and minimize problems.  Supervisors also learn how to handle problems that arise by gathering and weighing facts before taking action, and then following up to ensure the actions taken yielded positive results that help relations and therefore, production.

TWI Job Relations Training is Time Well Spent.

To minimize interruption to your production schedules, Missouri Enterprise’s experts can conduct TWI Job Relations training on-site at your facility.  The course typically involves 5 two-hour sessions conducted in 5 consecutive days.  Class sizes can include as many as 8-12 participants who are shop-level supervisors (team/cell leads, group leaders, etc.).  The first two sessions focus on learning the methods, including the TWI “4-Step Method” which shows supervisors how to better handle problems, with better results. Remaining sessions focus on actual issues in your workplace, as offered by participants, and guide the team on how to use the TWI methodologies to deal with them.  They can then immediately apply these techniques when they get back to the floor, and follow up on them in subsequent sessions.

Learn more about this proven leadership training program and how TWI Job Relations can help your company retain and grow your people.  Missouri Enterprise’s TWI Job Relations Project Managers have the expertise you need to effectively teach your people how to maximize the benefits of JR.  Reach out to your Local Area Business Manager to learn more.