Your Go To Resource for Workplace Safety Assessments & Audits.

To maximize your company’s adherence to proper Workplace Safety standards, it helps to have an outside expert periodically review and assess your company’s Safety practices.  Missouri Enterprise’s Project Managers can help you with everything related to Workplace Safety from compliance assessments and audits, to needs assessments and safety committee coordination, to employee manual creation, training program development and deployment and more.

Safety Audits Help Keep Your People Safe and Yield a Healthy ROI.

No one wants to see anyone hurt in the workplace, but beyond that, Safety is just good business.  Successful manufacturers understand that investing in a positive, proactive Workplace Safety & Health culture throughout their company almost inevitably yields a measurable, healthy return on investment (ROI) that easily justifies the expense and effort.  Direct and indirect costs savings can include:

  • Lower workers’ compensation premiums.
  • Reduced medical expenditures.
  • Reduced overtime costs covering for injured workers.
  • Lower expenditures on return-to-work programs.
  • And more.

Nothing Replaces Third Party Objectivity to Point Out Safety Improvements.

When you’re a part of a workplace environment, it becomes more difficult to objectively see potential changes you can make to improve your Safety practices.  The outside eyes of a third party Safety expert will help you see things you might not have been aware of, so it’s important to periodically bring in an expert like one of Missouri Enterprise’s Safety Project Managers to help you assess and audit your Workplace Safety program.  They understand OSHA requirements and more, and they have the hands-on experience, knowledge and industry connections you need to help you improve and maintain your effective Workplace Safety Program.

Contact your local Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager to learn how we can help you with Safety Compliance Assessments & Audits.