Industry-Specific Certifications for Missouri Manufacturers.

Missouri Enterprise has an amazing in-house team of highly experienced Project Managers, each of whom possesses extensive manufacturing know-how in their specific fields of expertise.  In some cases, our qualified experts provide the specific coursework and training you need for a certification to prepare you for the official testing you need from a governing body or professional organization.  In other cases, our Project Managers possess the knowledge you need to learn, plus the authority to grant certain certifications to you upon completion of one of our training regimens.

Almost Any Manufacturing Certification Programs You Might Need.

Missouri Enterprise is your MEP National Network Partner, and that means we have the industry connections to assist you with training and certifications in virtually any manufacturing field.  Reach out to us with questions about any manufacturing related certification programs, and if we don’t offer it directly within our team of experts, we will find and connect you with an organization that does.  We’re here to help.

Reach out to your local Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager for help with any manufacturing related certification process you need. 


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