Made With Steel

June 10, 2016

Made with Steel, formerly Albertson Enterprises, is an industrial welding and fabrication company located in Meadville, Missouri. The owner, Chris Albertson, had extensive experience in heavy industrial fabrications with his previous employer, and broke away to form his own company. His first contracts were with that same former employer, who set him up as a subcontractor so he could continue to perform the highly-specialized work he had done for them.

This gave Albertson a stable footing to start his business, but he needed to find other customers to grow, and he didn’t have some of the basic marketing expertise he needed to put his company on the map and promote its capabilities.

Albertson had met Missouri Enterprise through various manufacturing networking organizations, so he contacted them to see if they could help. Missouri Enterprise Project Managers worked with Albertson to develop a new company name and logo, and Made with Steel was born. Next steps included assistance with website copy development, which also led to the production of an accompanying brochure he could use for emailing prospective clients and for handing out at networking functions and face-to-face meetings. They also produced a simple business card with the new logo design.

“I’d been attending a lot of networking functions and making phone calls looking for opportunities,” says Albertson, “and I knew I needed help to do better. Missouri Enterprise’s team helped me develop a telemarketing script for lead generation and coached me on how to be more successful on those calls. They also coached me on how to present my company effectively when I meet new prospects. Now, when I talk to prospects, I’m fully prepared and have the materials and structure I need to present my company in a professional light.”

Made with Steel is now on a path to achieve significant growth, using the tools learned and developed with Missouri Enterprise. “I’m much more confident meeting with prospects now that I have a good website and brochure, and my next goals are getting enough work to keep my contract laborers on the clock full time, and then continuing to grow the company. Missouri Enterprise went above and beyond to get me to this point. They did a great job, and it’s been a huge help.”