Manufacturing Day 2021: Make it a Workforce Marketing Opportunity.

September 29, 2021
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Manufacturing Day, 2021 is happening on October 1st.  MFG Day is an ideal way for manufacturers across the country to showcase the important role Manufacturing plays in the nation’s economy and how important manufacturing companies are to their communities.  With the workforce pool such a challenge right now, MFG Day is also a unique opportunity for Manufacturers to tell people about the great career opportunities available in manufacturing and to promote their job openings.

One of the main goals of MFG Day is to create an opportunity for schools and students to learn more about just how great a career in manufacturing can be.  Manufacturing jobs are no longer the sweaty, grimey jobs of yesteryear.  Modern manufacturing careers include exciting high-tech and high-skilled jobs people can be proud of, and earn a great living along the way. 

Manufacturing is the fifth largest employment sector in the U.S. and provides about 12 million jobs to people in communities through the nation.  Especially in rural America, Manufacturers are often the critical backbone of their local economies, providing solid careers with good pay where people can support their families and live a comfortable lifestyle.  

So, this year – and next year and the year after that –plan to take advantage of the national promotion of MFG Day to showcase your Manufacturing operation to your community, and to promote your job openings to the next generation of the workforce.  You need good people, and you have great careers to offer them.  Use MFG Day to tell people about it.

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