Maximizing the Power of eCommerce to Grow Your Business

December 6, 2021
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Even before the pandemic, eCommerce was a hot topic. Now, with more people than ever purchasing products and services online, it’s even hotter! We’ve had so many manufacturers ask us about selling online that we’ve partnered with eCommerce consultant, Curt Anderson, to present this informative webinar event on how manufacturers can stop being a best kept secret. Curt will help manufacturers understand how to create a strong digital presence and outline the necessary steps to implement a highly effective eCommerce strategy for your business. He’ll help you work your way through some of the mystery and give you thoughtful insights into how to join the exploding eCommerce marketplace – and how to do it effectively. Topics include:

· An eCommerce Checklist for manufacturers.
· Concepts on capturing 1st page rankings on Google.
· Creating effective landing pages that convert into RFQ’s & Sales.
· Targeting customers with Google Ads & Google Shopping.
· Taking advantage of online marketplaces including Amazon & Alibaba.
· Detailed example of an eCommerce success story with Falconer Electronics.