Mid-Missouri Tool and Die Company

June 10, 2016

Mid-Missouri Tool & Die, located just 70 miles outside of Kansas City in Carrollton, Missouri, began operations in 2009 and has been on a path of growth ever since.  The company specializes in mold manufacturing and repair, including nylon molding, over-molding and assembly.  Always on top of advancements in the industry, Mid-Missouri Tool & Die has continued to invest in new technology that keeps them on the leading edge, producing top quality products at very competitive prices.

The company has a solid track record meeting and exceeding customer demands, but rapid growth brought challenges, and they needed outside expertise to help them continuously hit the next levels in quality and efficiency.  They also knew that their biggest customer wanted them to become ISO certified.  They asked Missouri Enterprise to help them with the changes necessary to meet and exceed the ISO 9001 standard.

Missouri Enterprise Project Managers quickly assessed and understood their operations and procedures, and set to work guiding Mid-Missouri Tool & Die towards compliance and full implementation of the ISO standard.  In 2014, the company achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification for the manufacturing, assembly and shipping of plastic injection molding goods and services to Automotive and Commercial Industries.  They’ve been certified since 2014, and Missouri Enterprise helps them each year with their internal audits.  Their incredible dedication to efficiency and quality has allowed them to win business that had been going to Mexico; bringing that work back to Missouri by giving their customers cost-effective pricing and a 100% on-time delivery record.

More recently, Safety came to the forefront, and they needed to ensure the company fully complied with OSHA regulations.  “We’d been very lucky, with only two relatively minor injuries in the company’s history,” says Rhonda Machado, who oversees operations and is the wife of owner, Tony Machado.  “Our people our very important to us, and as quickly as things were growing, we wanted to make sure we protected our employees with a safe work environment, and we needed to make sure we minimized risk for our people, and for the company.”  Missouri Enterprise helped them develop their policies and procedures to ensure OSHA compliance, producing written safety programs and accident prevention plans to guide Mid-Missouri Tool & Die on the proper management of worker safety and health protection.

“We’ve worked with Missouri Enterprise many times over the last several years, and it’s been a really good experience every time,” says Machado.  “Everyone at Missouri Enterprise is very knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, and they’re down to earth people who have a good way of explaining things so everyone understands.  We always get a lot out of working with Missouri Enterprise.”

The company recently transitioned from Mid Missouri Tool and Die to Mid Missouri Tool & Plastics.  The new web address is mmtpsolutions.com