Recruiting Strategies Dialogue

November 23, 2021
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It’s no secret today’s manufacturing recruiting environment is brutal! HR managers have to work harder than ever to find and keep employees, while continuing to keep up with all the other HR functions – and that’s not to mention tackling the myriad of changes and challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re suffering from HR fatigue and could use some support, this Missouri Enterprise webinar is for you.

0:00 – Intros
6:35 – Recruiting Goals
7:17 – Workforce Woes
10:11 – It’s not US, it’s THEM
13:08 – The Dreaded “C” Word
14:55 – The Bad News
16:35 – The Good News
19:04 – Kahoot Game
24:30 – Sales & Marketing
25:01 – Competitive Strategy
27:31 – Branding
30:46 – Awareness (in your community)
32:23 – Website and Social Media
33:28 – Networking
34:26 – Guerilla Recruiting
38:21 – Targeted Recruiting
39:29 – Candidate Experience
44:25 – Kahoot Game
47:37 – Other Considerations
49:16 – Resources

Missouri Enterprise Business Program Manager, Mary Davis, will facilitate an interactive discussion as she shares from her own HR and leadership experiences along with ideas from across the MEP National Network. First, we’ll examine the drivers of the workforce shortage and the need for systemic change. Then we’ll explore a framework and actionable ideas for using your employer brand and HR “marketing” strategies to find and keep employees. Come ready to share your ideas and best practices too – we’re in this together!