Request for Proposal – Qualified Translator

December 4, 2020

Missouri Enterprise is seeking proposals from an experienced and qualified translator that can translate both audio files and PowerPoint presentations.


Missouri Enterprise was founded in 1983, and our mission is simply “To Help Missouri Manufacturers, like you, Succeed.” To do that, we provide a broad range of hands-on business, technical and manufacturing optimization services, delivered by an experienced, “been there, done that,” staff and a comprehensive network of public and private partners. We help Missouri manufacturers build cultures to support strategic growth and sustain continuous improvement.

There are several characteristics that distinguish Missouri Enterprise. Most importantly, for Missouri Enterprise clients is the “Hands-On” implementation assistance that is integral to our service delivery. We don’t just hold a training class, or perform an assessment, provide you with a report or a list of recommendations and then move to other companies. When we help manufacturing businesses, like yours, we become an extension of your staff, and we are with you every step of your journey to excellence. Missouri Enterprise specialists have an average of nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience and are strategically positioned across the state. Missouri Enterprise…your partner in manufacturing.

Missouri Enterprise is seeking proposals from an experienced and qualified translator that can translate both audio files and PowerPoint presentations


Missouri Enterprise, a statewide organization, is seeking an experienced and qualified resource to translate five (5) one-hour audio presentations that are approximately 8,000 words. In addition, also translate five (5) seventy (70) page PowerPoint slide presentations that are approximately 2,800 words. The due dates for completed translation are as follows:

                        February 27, 2021

                        April 30, 2021

                        June 30, 2021

                        August 31, 2021

                        October 31, 2021

We require the provider to have the following abilities:

  1. Ability to translate form English into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.
  2. Able to provide specific dialects in each language
  3. Can provide both male and female voice over.
  4. Advise how many days will it take to translate audio and PowerPoint into all six (6) languages upon receiving the English version.
  5. Advise how you will provide the client with the ability to approve of the quality of the voice over translation before the translation is complete
  6. Upon completion of each translation, be able to provide source files along with a compiled MP4 of each video
  7. It would be an asset if you are able to translate specific medical words into the above noted languages


Indicate your compensation or fee structure for the above services and the anticipated time required to coordinate the plan and any other fees.  Please advise if there are additional charges if the audio file is longer than one hour and if there are more than seventy (70) slides in the PowerPoint presentation.


It is anticipated that project will be complete by November 30th, 2021.


As the first audio file and PowerPoint translation is due by February 27, 2021, only bids from Missouri based companies or organizations will be accepted. Complete written proposals must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 to:

Stacey Marler
Missouri Enterprise
900 Innovation Drive, Suite 300
Rolla, Missouri 65401

Submit only one copy of the response via email or US Postal Service.

This Request for Proposal does not commit Missouri Enterprise to award any contract, to pay costs incurred in the preparation of any proposal nor to procure or pay for any service.  Missouri Enterprise, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals received as a result of this request, to excuse informalities and irregularities and to request clarification from any firm without notice thereof to other firms, to negotiate with any qualified source, or to cancel in part or in its entirety this request.  Missouri Enterprise will not disclose to any firm the basis upon which it makes its decision or any information regarding the content of submittal of any other firm.