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Food Safety

We are the Food Manufacturing Experts. 

Whether you are a small food operation venturing to expand your market, or larger operation seeking innovative ways to streamline and increase profitability, Missouri Enterprise is the Show-Me State’s dedicated food manufacturing expert and part of the MEP National Network. Every food manufacturer faces tough challenges.  That’s where we step in.

Missouri Enterprise supports food manufacturers and those within the supply chain manage operational risks, achieve food safety regulatory and certification standard requirements, and realize sustained business value. Located in the breadbasket of America, food manufacturing is one of Missouri’s top sectors – making it even more important to protect and grow this economic asset. We take a holistic approach to helping food manufacturers address challenges and establish long-term solutions. 

Our Strengths:

  • Our experts have a combined 300 years of experience in manufacturing, many with a focus in food manufacturing.
  • We are part of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership network and can access a variety of resources to support your company.
  • We partner with local, regional, state and national organizations to streamline assistance and identify the best solutions for your company. 

Our Expertise & Solutions

Our Capabilities and Expertise go well beyond Food Safety Compliance and Certification. The food manufacturing experts at Missouri Enterprise can help you overcome your pain points and let you focus on what you do best, producing the best products that world wants.


  • Business Services including Strategic Planning, Lead Generation, Marketing Assistance, Exporting to new markets (national and international), and Food Product Development and more.
  • Supply Chain Management, Logistics Cost Reduction, Food Sourcing and Importing Products and more.
  • Business Efficiency Services including Lean Food Manufacturing Techniques & Plant Layout, and Cost Segregation Services and more.
  • Workforce Development Programs and training to help onboard new employees, develop effective leaders, food safety training on Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), workplace hazard and safety training (OSHA), transfer of knowledge and more.
  • Technology and Automation Services to help with food traceability, packaging, manufacturing and efficiency, and cybersecurity and more.
  • Food Safety Solutions & Compliance to help with obtaining/renewing certifications, food safety training and more.
  • Business Sustainability Services including Succession Planning, Energy Savings Audits and grant programs (REAP), and Minimizing Environmental Impact more …

Food Safety Solutions & Training

Consider us your onsite safety team

Over the last few years the food industry and its supply chain has become increasingly more complex in regards to food safety and compliance with the advent of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Unlike other food safety consultants, we bring a holistic approach to food safety compliance by combining extensive, practical ,hands-on experience, with a clear understanding of the business imperatives that are crucial to your success. See all of our Food Safety Training Courses. 

For larger food manufacturers, we can serve as the outside eyes and help enhance and improve food safety management systems. Smaller manufacturers and suppliers in the food industry can benefit from our food expertise in establishing an implementing the management systems needed to achieve required food safety compliance and certifications. 

Missouri Enterprise Food Industry Experts have:

  • An in-depth understanding of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and third-party certification compliance such as SQF, BRC and FSSC 22000.
  • Guidance in evaluating which food safety certification would best accommodate your business and markets you choose to participate in.
  • Pre-audit guidance and Gap analysis to better prepare your business for a FDA audit.
  • Individual & Customized Training on Numerous Food Safety Specific topics that they can deliver to your company.

Food Safety in the Heartland

Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska are home to hundreds of animal and human food manufacturing companies.  These businesses are critical to the Heartland's economy and communities.  The success of these businesses, and the safety of their customers, have a correlation to their food manufacturing processes.  NEWS! Missouri joins Kansas and Nebraska to Launch Food Safety in the Heartland Initiative.

The Food Safety in the Heartlandpartnership, which includes Missouri Enterprise, MAMTC and the Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership, is an initiative of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Network that includes Missouri Enterprise and MEP centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  This coalition has been brought together to help food manufacturers with food safety.  Food safety covers such a broad range of issues that it’s almost impossible for one person to be an expert in everything.  With the coalition’s combined resources, Missouri Enterprise is able to cover any challenge you may face.


Certification and Compliance

Why it matters

Meeting customer demands and the array of food safety standards can be an intimidating challenge even for larger companies with dedicated internal resources. For smaller food manufacturers, the challenge is even greater. But every company has an obligation to its customers to provide safe and quality food. In addition, a growing number of companies require their producers and suppliers to implement a certification program. Certification to a GFSI-certified standard (e.g., SQF, IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000) demonstrates that a company is working actively to manage its food safety risks.

To survive and grow profitable, companies must implement and manage effective food safety strategies. Food manufacturers that achieve the highest levels of compliance and possess key certifications expand their potential customer base and have the greatest opportunity for growth. 

Connecting Compliance and Certification

It is difficult for companies to devote the resources required to maintain compliance activities at a sustained and satisfactory level—but it is essential. Missouri Enterprise understands the importance of developing and maintaining key internal controls that ensure the reliability of compliance systems and meet certification requirements.

Our experts help companies select the food safety standard that best aligns with business objectives and capabilities to ensure that compliance methods are optimized. We then manage the entire compliance and certification readiness process, working directly with onsite employees to mitigate risks, ensure certification, enhance market reputation, and drive business performance.

Our Compliance/Certification Services:

  • FDA/FSMA compliance
  • GFSI/HACCP/GMP certification readiness
  • FSSC 22000, IFS, SQF, BRC certification consulting
  • HACCP food safety plan development
  • HACCP-certified training
  • Training for internal auditors
  • Internal audit process development
  • Process verification/validation
  • Process improvement and redesign

Requirements and Demands

The list of compliance requirements that protect the food chain from farm to table is extensive. Many large retailers and multinational food manufacturers are demanding their suppliers are certified to a GFSI recognized standard, making it a “must” to do business with them. Federal law mandates FSMA compliance, including HACCP and HARPC. IFS, FSSC 22000, SQF…all are important standards that challenge food manufacturers to get it right. 

Companies doing international business also have BRC as well as other rules and regulations with which to contend. Most importantly, food producers must meet the demands and expectations of consumers, where failures in food safety management can spell disaster. 

  • HACCP(Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points
  • HARPC(Hazard Analysis & Risk-Based Preventive Control)
  • GFSI(Global Food Safety Initiative)
  • FSMA(Food Safety Modernization Act)
  • BRC(British Retail Consortium)
  • SQF(Safe Quality Food)
  • FSSC(Food Safety System Certification)
  • FDA(Food & Drug Administration)
  • USDA(U.S. Department of Agriculture) 
  • Customer Specific Requirements

Company Testimonials

Don't just take our word

When we work with companies, we take it personal -- so much that we consider ourselves as an extension of their team. But for some of our clients, we are grateful to be viewed as members of their work family. Here are just a few food manufacturers we partner with to grow the industry and help them achieve success.

Examples of Food Companies We Partner With:

Certified Expertise from Missouri Enterprise

To learn how your company can take the steps necessary to achieve important food safety certifications, and how to develop and implement the management systems your company needs to effectively manage food safety now and into the future, contact your Area Business Manager.