Thermavant Grows Efficiency & Profitability with ERP Implementation

April 29, 2021

ABOUT THERMAVANT TECHNOLOGIES.  ThermAvant Technologies, in Columbia, Missouri, designs, models and manufactures thermal-mechanical structures embedded with the oscillating heat pipe (OHP) technology for compact, high power density opto-electronic and power-energy systems.  Their advanced oscillating heat pipes (OHPs) use pressure-driven, two-phase fluid flow to rapidly transfer heat between heat sources and heat sinks. They can be built in materials, fluids, shapes, and sizes that are not possible with conventional capillary-driven heat pipes or vapor chambers. As a result, many customers build the OHP technology inside their existing structures to create “multi-functional” ones that provide both thermal and mechanical protection.  ThermAvant is a world leader in OHP technology and holds patents for products that are used in space vehicles and the aero-defense industry.

THE CHALLENGE.  Because of their unique talents and skillsets, ThermAvant’s founders were brought together by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop thermal solutions for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.  This team of innovative technology leaders was destined to succeed, as evidenced by the company’s incredibly rapid growth, exceeding 50% per annum in recent years.  This fast growth created challenges in efficiency, cost controls and supply chain management.  They needed to integrate all their processes into a single system through the implementation of an ERP System, which is an involved and detailed process, and they couldn’t allocate the in-house resources necessary to efficiently manage the selection and setup of an ERP software system themselves. 

MEP CENTER’S ROLE.  Missouri Enterprise’s project managers have a strong background in manufacturing processes and supply chain management, plus the hands-on, “been there done that” experience ThermAvant needed to help them select and implement a robust ERP system.  The project began with a close examination of ThermAvant’s operations from production through distribution to align all processes including financial management, human resources, supply chain management, manufacturing and more.  With a solid understanding of ThermAvant’s operational management needs, an appropriate ERP software product was identified, vetted and selected.  Then the tough work of actually implementing the ERP integration began, with Missouri Enterprise’s project manager collaborating with ThermAvant to guide, coach and assist with the ERP setup and deployment, including fundamental work instructions and user training.  The result was greater efficiency, reduced waste, higher quality and increased profitability for ThermAvant.

“Missouri Enterprise is always here to help us.  From training to ERP implementation, to annual AS9100 Audits and more, we value their years of hands-on experience.  They understand manufacturing, and we lean on their knowledge of best practices to help us develop and improve processes.”  – Matt Steele, VP of Operations.

  • Over $100,000 in cost savings
  • Improved quality and efficiency
  • Reduced waste