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Missouri Enterprise, the Show-Me State’s dedicated manufacturing expert, is strategically aligned with the federal and state government, specifically with NIST MEP and Missouri Technology Corporation. Our team delivers solutions and strategies to advance Missouri manufacturing companies with technology and innovation at the forefront. Through the national MEP network, we offer professional and affordable consulting services to meet the manufacturing needs of today and tomorrow to sustain one of the state’s most important industries.

To ensure Missouri manufacturers remain globally competitive, we provide a broad range of hands-on business, technical and manufacturing optimization services, delivered by an experienced, “been there, done that,” staff and a comprehensive network of public and private partners. We help Missouri manufacturers build cultures to support and sustain continuous improvement.

There are a number of characteristics that distinguish Missouri Enterprise from others in the field. Perhaps to your company, the most important point of distinction is represented by the words “Hands-On.” We don’t just hold a training class and write you a report or a list of recommendations and then move on the other things and other companies.

When we help manufacturing businesses, like yours, we actually become an extension of your staff and we are with you on every step of your journey to excellence.

Missouri Enterprise specialists have an average of more than 20 years manufacturing experience and are strategically positioned across the state. When necessary to ensure the right expert is focused on the solution, Missouri Enterprise also uses a network of carefully vetted and managed public and private partners and resources as well as expertise from a national network of more than 1,200 consultants from affiliated U.S. Department of Commerce, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers.

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What helps Missouri Enterprise stand apart from other consulting organizations:

  • We are the only organization that is impact driven with accountability.
  • We are part of a nationwide system and can access resources and experts from around the country to fit nearly any need.
  • Serve as an extension of the company’s team to implement solutions (we do not simply customize the training or plan but rather we help to build it and put it in place).
  • We conduct no-cost wellness visits to ensure the solution is properly administered/make adjustments if needed.

What Missouri Enterprise is:

What Missouri Enterprise is NOT:

A professional consulting organization that is not the government.

A government organization that regulates manufacturing companies, whistle blows or publicly discloses client information.

Missouri’s affiliated MEP center

A private corporation.

A nimble team spread throughout the state of Missouri comprised of experts who possess a combined 300+ years of industry knowledge and experience.

Located only in major metros with limited focus areas.

An organization that should be the first step for any manufacturer seeking to do more than the status quo.

A training institute that develops curriculum designed strictly to educate and not to implement.

An organization that works with manufacturers to develop long-term comprehensive strategies to position these businesses for future competitiveness.

A quick fix organization that addresses problem by problem with band-aids as opposed to a holistic approach working towards a solution that addresses the root of the problem.

Connected to local, state, and federal agencies and partnerships with business organizations.

A private company that sees other business organizations as competitors and who is opposed to partnerships.

An organization who is chartered to be driven by client results which are collected and conducted by a third party through an annual survey.

An organization that is driven exclusively by profit.

An organization that provides affordable fee-based professional consulting services.

An organization that offers zero-cost consulting services. Please note, we do offer a range of free assessments to help you and our team uncover challenges and develop solutions.