Quality Management Systems Help Company Document Operations and Grow Sales

Founded in 1991 in Monett, WinTech, Inc., enjoys a national reputation for custom manufacturing high quality, cost-effective windows for metal and modular buildings and the foundation industry. WinTech also manufacturers access doors, view ports windows and panels for the HVAC industry. Its newest division produces an innovative series of commercial windows and PTAC Louvers for the construction industry.

In 2006, WinTech became a 100% employee owned company, led by President Mark Harper, that remains committed to integrity and honesty, continuous improvement and the self-discipline necessary to take on difficult challenges and see them through. As an employee owned company, growth is very important to Wintech and it’s employee owners.

WinTech, Inc., had been achieving steady growth over the past several years, but management understood that registration to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Procedural Guide for Certification of Window and Door Assemblies would provide the company with an effective quality control and product testing system and a seal that would signify to OEMs and the construction industry that their products conformed to designed specifications. However, WinTech, Inc.’s internal resources were fully committed to their regular responsibilities and therefore the company was unable to undertake the project on its own.

Recently, WinTech, Inc., had an opportunity to compete for a large contract for doors for HVAC enclosures if they could pass a comprehensive supplier audit conducted by the OEM. Again, WinTech, Inc., called upon Missouri Enterprise to prepare for the audit. Having worked with Missouri Enterprise manufacturing specialists on a variety of previous continuous improvement projects, company management knew that Missouri Enterprise’s team could support their efforts to institute and maintain the required quality management system.

Working with the OEM’s Global Supply Quality Manual for All Suppliers, Missouri Enterprise and WinTech, Inc., staff members again reviewed operational procedures, conducted root cause analyzes when indicated and developed and implemented process/procedural improvements need to meet the stringent OEM requirements. An OEM audit was conducted and WinTech, inc., passed. In order to insure continued compliance, Missouri Enterprise helped WinTech, Inc., create a series of 30/60/90 day action plans (after passing the audit) complete with timelines and internal resource assignments. These included supplier selection and monitoring; product and component identification; gage registration and calibration; critical process audit control; and preventative and corrective action processes.

The Company reports that they anticipate $4 in new sales over the next two years; $1.2 million in retained sales; 15 jobs created/retained; $50,000 in cost savings; and $297,000 in new investment.

“Ongoing assistance from Missouri Enterprise has enabled WinTech, Inc., to develop, implement and sustain a robust quality management system by which we can operate our business. Our QMS system has also helped us to be considered for, and win, new work from customers,”  said Mark Harper, WinTech, Inc.,  President